Your Concepts Brought to Life.

Custom engineered equipment through imagination and specialized engineering.


Lenz Innovation offers a wide variety of services no matter what stage your project is in.  Check out a full list of our services below and see what we can do to help make your project a reality.

1.    Concept Development

Lenz Innovation harnesses creative talent and engineering technique to conceive innovative solutions in the ride, show, entertainment and industrial markets. Lenz Innovation can create a concept for you or take your concept and follow it through to completion. We listen to your needs, prepare ideas, create artistic renderings, and in the case of stunt and live shows, create the storyline and the script.

2.    Project/Product Estimating

Lenz Innovation creates a unique estimate for each project since no project is the identical to any other. This unique estimate is thorough and takes into account all costs and services needed for any given project. Estimates are backed up with legitimate quotes and proposals, cut sheets and current pricing. Estimates are created flexible and easy to understand, allowing for testing alternate approaches and materials. Estimates can be prepared for a full project or for a single product. Let Lenz Innovation provide estimating services to meet your needs.

3.    Project Management

Project management is the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals in completing a project. Projects will typically progress through stages like pre-planning, conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction drawings (or contract documents), completion and close out.  Click here for more information on our Project Management services.

4.    Project Engineering

We assign a Project Engineer to lead each one of our projects. He grabs the reigns and directs the design development, design engineering, drafting and documentation for the project. He monitors fabrication, purchasing, integration, and testing. He is the person responsible for the project success. Through the many years of our successful projects, we have honed this skill to guarantee success. Let Lenz Innovation provide a Project Engineer on your next project, leveraging these skills to guarantee success.

5.    Design and Engineering

Lenz Innovation utilizes techniques, tools and of state of the art software systems and engineering tools to fully engineer and create a robust and reliable design. We have engineering capabilities in the fields of mechanical, electrical, fluid power, automatic controls, and structural. We fully understand dynamics, mechanics, materials, mathematical and analytical tools to completely engineer a product to meet your needs.

6.    CAD Drafting

Lenz Innovation owns and uses state of the art CAD systems and engineering tools to fully engineer and create detailed fabrication and construction drawings. We are fully trained and use Solidworks, AutoCAD, Engineering Power Tools, BeamPro, and other design and drawing tools to complete drawings for fabrication, and can provide these services to meet your needs.

7.    Design/Build

Lenz Innovation has a long history of building our own equipment and systems. We use only highly skilled personnel to create a reliable and high quality product. We employ certified welders and mechanics in our metal fabrication along with our certified fluid power specialists in our hydraulic and pneumatic shop. All of our automated control box assemblies are UL certified. We adhere to a standardized quality program with fully trained personnel to ensure our products are robust and have a long life. We employ fully trained and highly experienced personnel to deliver, uncrate, stage, assemble, test and commission the systems we produce. We handle all aspects, including electrical, plumbing, structural, and finishing. Our personnel have experience with construction equipment and techniques, including cranes, fork lifts, high reaches and lifts.

8.    Operation and Maintenance Manuals

All of Lenz Innovation projects involve some technical aspects that require the owner to understand how to operate and maintain the final product. We utilize the experience and knowledge of our product development to create the backbone of our Operation and Maintenance Manuals. Manuals contain information on safety requirements, theory of operation, operating procedures, maintenance procedures, and trouble shooting. We include all technical data sheets on all standard products, users’ manuals for subsystems, and schematic and assembly drawings of the final product. Lenz Innovation can apply this experience and skill to creating Operation and Maintenance Manuals to your product or project.

10. Independent Reviews

Lenz Innovation has a long and varied history in designing, and building our own highly technical equipment and systems. This experience provides the insight and skill to fully understand engineering drawings, calculations and specifications when a project or product is still in the design stage. We can apply our skills to review, evaluate and provide corrective action to designs before they are placed into production. This is a common practice for many project driven designs and the value of a review can be invaluable in both time and money as the project moves forward. Lenz Innovation can provide design reviews to minimize development costs.

11. Testing and Commissioning

Lenz Innovation understands the process of implementing a new design into a project or into the market. In many cases, the owner requires that a project or product be fully tested and validated prior to releasing it to the public. Every project and every product that Lenz Innovation has created has successfully passed acceptance testing and been commissioned for use by the public. We understand the process and can apply our knowledge and skills to your project or product.